Crowned Eagle

The Sky is not the Limit

It is a symbiosis of major sports events, a gigantic airship, cryptocurrency, the metaverse, and NFTs.

An airship equipped for any sports events. It will exist both in the real world an in a virtual world - the metaverse.


The upper deck of our airship is the highlight of the trip: An arena with games, concerts, duels and other events, a magnificent recreation park and the world's first observation deck floating in the sky will offer you new and vivid travel experiences.

The middle deck of the CROWNED EAGLE welcomes you with a hotel complex with luxury apartments and restaurant complete with bar. After a welcome concert, you will have the opportunity to make new acquaintances and enjoy various entertainment programs, as well as let all the unforgettable impressions take effect on you in the pool and spa area.


for the real world

for the metaverse

What awaits you with Crowned Eagle v1.0?

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Construction + content for Tik-Tok/Facebook/instagram/YouTube/Twitter/Twitch/VK/TG/Discord and others.

Construction of a port, construction of an airship, construction of a platform for an airship, and the arrangement of the internal design of the airship.

The content will be put on display by the team of ambassadors, they will always inform you about the process, sometimes broadcast and post-work processes on social networks, as well as to conduct interesting practical jokes.


NFT Video clips:

A video clip shot on the Crowned Eagle airship with the participation of world football stars, as well as no less famous music performers.

This video will be placed on the online auction in one copy, but a copy of it will be posted on YouTube.


Conducting sports events on the airship:

You will be able to purchase VIP, Standard, or Virtual Reality (VR) tickets:
VIP tickets enable access to the airship where the event will take place and also contain the right to participate in closed sales.
Standard tickets give access to the territory where the event will take place. and also give the right to participate in closed sales.
VR tickets offer access to the metaverse where the event will be broadcast and  give the right to participate in open sales.


The first game will be the football "all-star match".


Airdrop tickets:

  • 1 - VIP ticket    

  • 10 - Standart tickets

  • 20,000 - VR tickets


Celebrity gallery:
During the event, we will hand out forms to celebrities for permission to use copyrights of the NFT.
The form will contain the following topics: autograph, physical object, NFT collection, their works of art, etc.

(celebrities will receive 100% profit from the first sale, which will be put up for online auction).


A metaverse in which there will be:

  • NFT celebrity Gallery

  • Sports events on air transport

  • Land plots in the Crowned Eagle  metaverse ("City in the Air”, "Underwater Kingdom" and "Ancestral Land")


Collections of NFT items, characters, costumes and much more in the Crowned Eagle metaverse:

  • Adaptation and implementation of your 3D models in the Crowned Eagle metaverse

  • Events, games, quests, riddles and easter eggs

  • Secret rooms with rewards

  • Marketplace: closed and open sales on the site


Near Future Foundation:

This Foundation exists for organizations of extraordinary or hi-tech ideas, which will be realized in the real world as well as in the metaverse and NFT collections.


Ticket Information

Ticket Categories

  • VIP - $100,000 - 300 pieces

  • Standard - $10,000 - 3000      pieces

  • VR - $1,000 - 30,000 pieces +  20,000 prize tickets

How to watch?

  • Viewers will be able to watch the match wearing VR glasses and immerse themselves in the virtual world, or watch on the court through their monitor.


  • The broadcast will also be sold on TV channels.

  • Possibility of purchasing a franchise

  • The Crowned Eagle Project including all rights and documents will be put up for auction

Who else can benefit?

  • NFT speculators (collectors), athletes, sports associations, sponsors, investors,

  • Celebrities, referrals (free VR tickets), game fans, celebrity fans

Road Map


Prepare a port/site/stadium for the airship


The beginning of the construction of the airship


Launch of one of the parts of the Crowned Eagle metaverse


Airdrop VIP and Standard tickets


Launch of land sales in the Crowned Eagle metaverse


Prepare a metaverse similar to the stadium from point 1


Launch of the Near Future Fund and cryptocurrency


Completion of the construction of the airship


The start of VIP and Standard ticket sales


Full launch of the Crowned Eagle metaverse


Prepare a host/server/site for broadcasts


Airdrop VR (Virtual Reality) tickets


Shooting a video clip and tasting the first sensations


The launch of the broadcast and the All-Star match


Prepare a site for the sale of tickets/plots/nft etc.


Launch of VR ticket sales


Open auction of NFT video clip


Open auction of NFT celebrities


Land Plots

Image by Johannes Plenio


  • Sweet

  • Cold

  • Hot

  • Acid

  • Green

Image by Cristian Palmer

Underwater Kingdom

  • Crystal

  • Platinum

  • Gold


in the Air

  • Legendary

  • Mythical

  • Epic